Chance to find a charge


I have been playing for about a month now and I have yet to come across a charge. I was wondering how rare they are / what the lowest rarity is.


They go from Epic-Mythical.



Well I guess I am just kinda unlucky then


No, you need to know that not all items (also from same rarity) have the same chance :grey_exclamation:

Tacticsoft never talks about that, but it is that way :exclamation:


P.S.: you can guess 3 times why we find a lot of Leg-to-Myths stuff, but very very very rare the OP stuff :exclamation:

P.P.S.: what brings us again to the theme, HOW many players has multiply of them (10 - 20), some payed for it (boxes) as Rising, but the others, did they also invest $ X-thousands :question:
Or they just cheat as usual :grey_exclamation:


I need a charge because I am part heat heat part annihilations always energys attack me from lejitos and when I occupy my hook they teleport and I have to walk 3 shifts and in those 3 shifts you already kill me so if you can get the charges plows me life easier with the enrgys


I got charger from ramboy when i reach lvl 10. Sometime it takes time like i dont have energy engine.


i have a few leg-myth
-rolling beasts-
-mighty cannon-
-archimonde(now in the aether after transformation of nightmare)

are they any good?


i have a good charge it is now lvl 20 leg


As Fluxeon said and they are easy to get if find EPICS through silver boxes or BIGBOY or even Fortune boxes from BIGBOY or RAMBOY first boss in campaign mode.

Time to MINE for boxes plus you get SM gold.



Any campaign that drops epics as mentioned can get you the new charge.


Rolling beasts are awesome. And very needed to close the distance when energies teleport away… Make them your top priority for maxxing out. ASAP.


okay thx