Championship Era Project

Hi i’m Claw an old BD Player. Anyway i was thinking of doing a BIG project so im going to give you guys a sneak peak on what it would be like. This project is 3 years late but oh well :slight_smile: Hopefully the forums will be alive again soon :slight_smile: funny doing a project about the old forum :v

(Remember to change the video speed to 1.25)
----- >>> BD CE PART 1 <<<<-----

---->> BD CE Part 2 <<<------

The Forum Topic im reading in the video.

The most painful part is putting the names of who’s post i am reading in the top right corner. That alone took an hour and a half. So i won’t be doing that for the future videos that way i can get them out faster. In total this took like 3 hours to make and it was only the first 5 pages x.x Hopefully it will take that long for me to do 15 pages next time. I want each video to be 15 pages. 235/15=15.6 which is pretty much 16 videos. WIll be made into a playlist after.

Pretty sure not many people will see this it’s more of a personal project bc i like to go back and look at things from the past :slight_smile:

Also would like some feedback here or in yt comments.
Do you want the background music ? i personally don’t care for it but hey.

I will add tick numbers instead of having the names in the top right corner.
I suggest you watch the video in 1.25 speed :v
Anyway just post your thoughts down below :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice to see someone try.
I gave up on these forums. but maybe not…

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Super cool. Will pin it for a while so the community can see it through the storm :slight_smile:


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Very cool idea. However reading every single comment seems tiresome. Perhaps you should limit it to what you deem interesting.

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Thanks for the comments guys I will start working more on the project soon :slight_smile: Still not sure about skipping comments on the thread but i might skip a few.

May be a little hard but how about changing up the voices between comments, I think that would add major depth to it

A very boring video of a very interesting era , althought nice try , not like i could have done any better if not worse but i would love to see someone do it who can do more justice with it.

Besides what Fader said about the voices i really don’t see how the video could have been much better. The video is me reading the thread so yeah i can see how it could be boring. If i did a video about the era itself with lots of editing then yes it could be alot more interesting than this video of me just reading the thread of the CE. Thanks for the feedback xp

I think it’s best to put this off and just one day do a video recapping the whole CE in video format. Like after i reread the CE thread that way i don’t miss anything important.

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Once again might be a little hard but you could do a community colab where each person actually read out what they wrote, then you just compile it on top of the previous vid.

That’d be great but how do you plan on getting the Old retired players, voices?

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There are a few players who retired but are still in touch with other players.

Not all though.

Even if i were to contact some of them i doubt they would all agree to send me voice memos of them reading the forum :grimacing:

I thought about having some ppl read 1-5 pages that way it’s not just my voice but i kinda agree with Gaurav it would get tiresom reading 235 pages and even for you guys to listen to 235 pages of CE forum discussions.

What are the options ?
Read all 235 pages of the CE thread and have some nice editing involved for all the videos.

Read 235 pages and then just do 1-3 videos explaining the whole CE in video format .

Reading the CE thread and editing whatever is being talked about could really give everyone an im depth look as to how all of the CE played out in the long run.

Just use different player’s voices,Regardless of who it actually is.

While you read, Add screenshots/ Videos of battledawn, By planting on current era’s just to make it look interesting.
You can add last 10 secs of ticks and show attacks being done/ops taken/Maybe relics.(with BR’s)

I know its easy said than done.
But would be an awesome video.

I wanted to keep it all 100% CE related like all the pictures and stuff but sure i can add some video clips of BDs current eras. Tbh alot of this thread is people complaining about sub empires and such so i can add some video clips while they do that. It will take a bit till we get to the epic parts of the era :slight_smile: But i think it will be worth it.


Good Luck Bro.
Ask the community for any help you need.
Im sure most will be happy to help :smiley:

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Alright i’m working on part 2 :v some parts are pretty boring but it will be worth it to see all of the CE once im competely done :grimacing:


Excited to see new video :smiley:


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