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If it were to happen, and the way this game is going lately I have a good feeling we are going to have one, but the last 2 CE’s were a 1 tick world. It allows more people to play since a lot of old players that I know don’t have that much time to spare for BD but I would love to see a 2 ticker CE!


2 ticks is too fast for such an intense era imo , need time to coordinate and plan.


Would have to be a one ticker, need to be like Milan and sleep half an hour between ticks.


I dont agree with you, before there were normal eras on 2 or even 3 tick worlds that I can say were intense like CE. The problem is players nowdays cant keep up I guess? Dont forget CE 2 was no tick limit and it went up for 5 months. I think 2 tick would be perfect where you have chances of catchig your oponents sleeping what is almost impossible on 1 ticker.


Sleep is for the weak :wink:


lmao, need that sleep


Your argument has no sense, no one is keeping you from sleeping. Its your choice you either sleep and let enemy advance on taking your stuff or you stay awake and defend it. On 1 ticker its almost as activity doesnt have a big part in the game and I personaly think it should. You lose the elemt of surprise pretty much, catching your oponents sleeping is probably the most crucial thing in wars. After all 5 months of playing the last CE made people lose their minds :wink:


You know Milan, the top player for both CE 1 and 2, slept 30 minutes at a time between ticks. Sleep is important and when a lot is on the line, especially CE, you need to be on just about every tick to defend, attack and strategize.

Catching someone sleeping is not “the most crucial thing in wars”, strategy, spy attacks, and traps in general are more important.


No I don’t know him, do you mind telling me his blood type?

You dont have to be on every tick as I said its all about you deciding do you sleep on the front of the battlefield, do you pull back. On 1 tickers you can almost sleep in the center of battlefield every time without getting killed.


Would be a good change if it went to a 2 ticker, i can see it being a lot more fun and wouldn’t drag out for 192883 years like last CE. On the other hand i dont think it would attract as much people as the a 1 ticker. Id like to see a 2 ticker CE though it would mean the faster paced players can have their time to shine.


For once I agree, I think the fact that any potential CE is a 1 ticker cuts out a lot of potential players if it always remains a 1 ticker - but of course I recognise that’s what the majority of the likely players would want


I think it should be a 1 tick event, both from a personal perspective but also from a larger perspective. The idea of CE has always been to bring the best players together, bring back the old players and have an epic era. Now, I won’t argue about the current state since I think that’d turn into a massive argument, but it’s simple fact that the consensus is that the best players used to be found on 1 tick rounds. More specifically, the best eras historically used to be on Earth 1 (hence having CE on Earth, as a 1 tick).

Many of those old teams that you want to bring back for a CE and that have been brought back on past eras such as GML and ARM are 1 tick players, not to mention that I’d argue a large percentage of those mentioned in the dream team thread are 1 tick players.

Also this, very much.

Actually… Closer to 7 months. The fact that you could hardly catch your opponents sleeping adds a very important element to the game in my opinion, strategy and diplo rather than just activity. Following your line of reasoning you might as well play it as a 6 tick round.

I can see an event being organised on a 2 tick round that’d be a sort of 2 tick champions round, but the true “flagship world” has always been E1, the original rounds were 1 tick, and practically all the great eras and players looked back on are 1 tick worlds and players. So I do not think it would make sense to make the 2 Champions Era 2 tick, it would be ideal for a smaller percentage of the players than 1 tick would be.


You talk about bringing back old players yet doesnt think about new players. Thats the problem with this game, keeps looking back too much. 2 tickers isnt all activity. Its like you saying a 2 tick CE would be a fail, I say it should be done atleast once, you never know if you dont try it.


I agree with Milan that many great teams and names are from 1 ticker, especially from E1, but we can’t also forget about double tickers alliances, who in any point was also great like HINI, VULC, SoLD, SOTO, CME(When Steve played yet) etc etc.

And I would like to see one in double tickers, it will bring ppl from 3 tickers as well, as they prefer fast ticks than slow ticks which 1 ticker would not satisfy 'em.[quote=“Fei, post:2, topic:332, full:true”]
2 ticks is too fast for such an intense era imo , need time to coordinate and plan.

Pick the right guys for it, and it would be like any era. Those who are used to it won’t have any problem.

Also, ppl talking about sleep on a game who requires activity? Okay :slight_smile:


The biggest issue with this is the most serious of players as 1 tick players BECAUSE they take eras very seriously. They will not sleep more than 2 ticks worth of time in these eras (and even that is unlikely honestly). And with how CE is run and how seriously players take it, it causes a lot of health issues and burnout. As you said Muha, it’s the players choice, BUT for those seriously playing, it’s a long grueling era that makes them just want to quit instead. Spending 5-7 months of your life with practically no sleep, lots of stress, lots of money, and then lose on top of it? I can see why.

You would “think” making it a 2 ticker would help alleviate this… but the truth is, you’d only find the serious players getting even less sleep and getting even angrier.


I don’t agree with you there Malice, I believe if it would be a 2 ticker, wars would end faster. There is a lot of players that missed CE 1 and 2 because they say 1 tick is too slow for them. And players getting angry is admin’s fault for not perma baning cheaters instead giving them a 24h ban for farming/multi and that’s all because CE is the era where people spend most money and BD can’t lose such players.


That’s because the normal 2 tick players can force the era’s to end sooner. Most normal 1 tick eras don’t go past tick 1000 either anymore. Tick 1500 was a slowly won era when CE2 happened. Which is why a 4k tick era took it’s toll. If Iceman wanted to, he could of stalled and extended the era even longer.

It’s not that the 1 tick players CAN’T handle 2 tickers. It’s that it means they won’t get more than 1 hour and 20 minutes of sleep at a time (which likely ends up being more like, 30 min to 1 hour at a time in actuality). Even the players who normally play 2 tickers would burnout and start hating the game at 2 ticks speed, let alone the 1 tick players. Now, yes, SOME would back down and refuse to play it. But I think a good majority would still play and a good majority of our regulars would quit/take a break again.


So you are basically saying you or others can’t handle it? Weak!




I just wanna point out that people who play 2 or 3 tick worlds doesn’t get a chance to win CE