Cartoon Book by Namy


Hi Forum, Namy :rabbit:


I was bored today waiting for fuel, when my brain scream: ¡¡¡hey lets make some cartoons!!!..

Hardmode mision number 4 Overlord’s Den, final minion…


:mushroom: yes i know, i miss one pic with the shield on…:mushroom:


Purpleh :rabbit: know his space hero.


what torso is that on the black one , it isnt lvl 30 right ??


:rabbit:Hellfire lvl 13, but every weapon over lvl 10 in replays looks like black…


Dont kill people at random… maybe Karma will punch you in the face :sob:

hardmode overlord’s den mision 5 last minion… i know this will happen :rabbit:


wtf this doing in “ideas and features” I want to read people ideas of improving game, not comics


Moved to fanart. Also, pls stop bullying. This is beautiful :rage: im am angery angery rage at u now


define a bunny… :


em, actually, is an idea P_P if you didnt noticed about what is the idea, read again the comic… :rabbit:


sorry I just not interested in SuperMechs fanart. I am currently in Mass Effect and RWBY fanfiction, so I won’t try anything else or my desire in what I am currently interested in may shatter


:rabbit: then dont coment :slight_smile: easy dizzy @_@


These comics are hilarious


thanks, thats the idea, get some laughts :rabbit2:


so stupid lol :laughing:


i like when angry kids with himselfs and the world, come and try to make me feel bad… tehehe is so funny.