Can't we have this


So many complains about Admins, you know which ones. But noone from BD management are giving anything about it. If we complain, ppl defend 'em even when they are doing a poor job, we can’t discuss on forum about it “because is against the rules” BS.

So, why don’t we have a place to complain and talk about 'em ? Don’t we have the right to do it ? Aren’t us the costumers of this ?

  • Yes, we should have a place to complain
  • No, no… Tell us why

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If you have a complaint then the best thing to do is directly message the person responsible. Having a forum thread just to complain is not constructive.


So, going to the person responsible. Yes I agree with you, but what when the woman called Sarah, which @Alexander talked once about it, never reply ur msges ? Neither even say something? Ignoring ur costumers aren’t nice.

Going to @Alexander he will just say Admin Y had some problems, Admin X had some problems… Well they’ve been having problems for years now and noone give anything about it. If they cant be active and responsible for ur jobs, why keep 'em then ?


To put it simply, while we handle and look at all complaints privately (keep in mind it’s not black white and certainly not simple, admins do have issues sometimes, though there are also a lot of bogus ones I fear, over the years however it’s guaranteed every admin will amass a number of sincere ones, sometimes more or less), it would ultimately be very deconstructive to start discussing them here.

Simply put, once you discuss an admin, especially publicly, for good or bad reasons, you undermine their authority and make their job significantly more difficult.

– It’s also worth keeping in mind that, besides everyone here loving this game quite a bit more than reasonable, this is still a company.