Can't understand the rankings. does anybody know?


as per ranking of 6-8-2017

player rank 5; wins 6,streak 30, losses zero
player rank 10,wins 170, streak 0,losses -163
player rank 9070, wins 0,streak 1,losses zero

in my rankings , streak is only 3, while in my achievements it is 6
is the streak for the week?if so how can someone have higher streak than number of wins(see line 1 ;it is almost 5 times)
in line 2, how can someone have 170 wins and no streak at all
line 3,same problem as line 1

if this is the case , i do not care for ranking, i will just play for fun; and may be i will continue until i have unlocked 10 to 15 mythicals


No one understands the rankings.


thanks , i thought that it was just me who didn’t understand


Some say that they have seen it, that this game has a ghost that gets into the system and changes the rankings …


If there’s something strange
in your neighbourhood
Who ya gonna call?


what, a cursed game? will it hit the players too?


I believe the rankings are based on who you are playing against.

eg. If you are rank 10 and you beat rank 5 you will go up a few ranks but the rank 5 player will move down a few.

If you were rank 10 and you defeated rank 1000 you probably wouldn’t move up at all. However if you lost to this rank 1000 you would go down by quite a bit.

Streaks pass on from week to week.


u mean if i had a winning streak 9 last month will 9 appear in my streaks column?
but it is not so ,at least in my case; in my rankings streak is only 3, while in my achievements it is 6.
can u explain the rest of the problems i pointed out.