Cant login after the update with the backbreaker!

I enter my user and pass and the game logs in then when it comes to the news updates page. I click close and the game stops it doesn’t load any further. Any1 else having this problem?

is this happening to any1 else?

Same problem here, it logs in but then it keeps loading forever and doesn’t start the game

Not me, Just can’t access side weapons .-.

Maybe it has something to do with the Axe/Hammer update that just came out?

It’s already fixed for me I can access my account again
@Otkinmos check out your’s it’s probably fixed too

idk I powered down my pc and then turned it back on and it logged in for me. maybe its just Small temporary glitch. try turning of your phone/computer and turning it back on.

I think she isdoing something with the update.