Can't get any blue tokens

I don’t know if it’s intended to be a scam or if it just comes across as one but I’ve been very frustrated trying to get some blue tokens. I’ll qualify for a survey and spend a half hour completing it but at the end of the survey instead of being sent to a landing page i’m just redirected to another survey. This chain of surveys has happened several times and has yet to reward me a single survey, in addition to this, in my transaction history it says i only opened the offers and never completed them. When I go to submit a ticket, it tells me to wait 24 hours to be awarded my tokens, however the next time I go to my free tokens page, my transaction history has been completely cleared and says I have neither opened nor completed any offers. Therefore I have never been able to submit a ticket complaining about any of this because my transaction history keeps getting deleted. Has anyone else had a similar experience trying to earn blue tokens?

In my past 6 years of playing BD I have never got tokens from surveys xD

Surveys. Lmao. I remember that and those “install and play a game to get tokens” thing working like 8 years ago for free blue tokens but it gave me some viruses. It hasnt worked for a long time now tho

There are some people who use them to good effect, but it’s a bit of a mess. We switched system at some point to the most reliable one we could find at the time, but sadly the concept of ‘free money for actions’ just remains sketchy.

Make sure to stick to instructions to a Tee, try to avoid hitting their anti-fraud (if you sound remotely fake, theyll deny you) and contact the survey system (can do so in the transaction page if I am not mistaken) about anything you feel went wrong.

I wish I could say more, but the system is pretty much out of our hands. We’ve considered removing it (they honestly barely do anything for us at all), but there’s still some players who depend on it for blues…

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I don’t think surveys are needed anymore now that every week you get 100+ tokens

Isnt it 120 tokens u get every week?

ah i’ve just started playing again. Is 120 the amount you get on day 7 of the daily bonus now?

As i recall, yes it is.

Can BD daily bonus be made just like SM ones , on SM if i forget to login at day 5 then it stays there and resumes from day 5 whenever i come back even after 1 year , but on BD if i forget to login on day 5 and login next day it resets to day1 which is a bit annoying cause i keep forgetting about logging on BG and miss the tokens there.