Can't Connect to the game


I can’t connect for 2 months from now.
Connecting… Please wait.Infinite.


Wow 2 months is a long time :exclamation:

I have same issue since 5 minutes :exclamation:

Anyone know why :question:



maybe because since you never got affected by the hack its your turn now besty


Solution …
(at least it worked for me)

  • closing browser, start all again



Solution for something that never was a problem



It is often a “problem”, no clue why you try to talk against :exclamation:

But I do not wonder about :exclamation:


My solution helped a LOT of players already, who didn’t know that this helps :exclamation:


Close and re-open



Yes closing and open the browser again, helps (sometimes, not always), about the above described issue :exclamation:

Please try more to make fun of it, I am here to help players, who don’t know that, and not to make fun about others in a Bugs & Issues thread :exclamation:





@Robert_Adrian_Lendva Clear cache and history, first and foremost.

If it continues to infinitely load, there may be a problem from the server or your side. Check your router, if it’s all fine, then post again so I can further help you out.

In the end, if the problem continues, you may want to seek out help in support or PM but that may take longer.