Can't change graphic settings on mobile

Hey there @Sarah247

I was wondering why we can’t change the graphica on mobile? Not all of us have strong phones, because of that, the game is slow for some of us.

I really hope the team can fix this.


Wow no one looked at this for 22 minutes. Thats cruel man. This guy is in trouble and wants to change his (or her?) graphic settings.
Anyway, @Sarah247 if you can please try to fix this problem.
There are a lot of problems on mobile.

Windigo’s shaved beard isn’t a problem.

And Mist, Idk if this still works (it did for me a while ago). But log into your account on and turn the settings down from there. If I’m not mistaken, it carries your settings onto mobile.

If not then Aye Sarah ask the team to add the ability to change it please

This is IF it works. I despise the app (due to garbage ads and what not). So Idk if it’ll Still work.

Click da solution button for transendant’s comment :stuck_out_tongue:
(If it works.)

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Well,you tagged me but I can’t help…
It’s the same for me on mobile,preset high graphics that you can’t change.
It’s always been like this as far as I’m concerned.
But I agree,Sarah should pass this to the devs.It’s help people get a smoother experience.

Edit:I tested it and Transcendant is right.
Set it on the pc and the setting will also apply on mobile.

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Oh now you are acting like me…ur my son now.

It didn’t work lol. Imma just suffer untill this is fixed I guess.

Darn, well here’s hoping Sarah can relay that to the Devs and they deem it important enough to implement!

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