Can't access arena

For sure.

that could be…however i hop @The_Yo_Yo_Man is right…

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since i cant hope anymore, i can only hopping with joy at your idea…:wink:

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same here
20 same same

everyone go see this

yes, but i see no connection with the arena…

maybe there is a way to increase the power through arena just like shop

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thou they may have closed the multiplayer so people dont lose their battles coz it may result in several connection errors

I don’t think soo.
If they want it…then they should close the whole sm down a while.

hopping with joy or cant acess the arena?..:rofl:

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Can’t acess for sure.

You alredy know that top players are saying things for real.

cant access arene on any device!!! :frowning:

go refresh ur game
20 charaharhasrsr s s

coz the website automatically refresh my game

Won’t work.

Wait…let me try that

i know what you meant
i made a joke only, because your post came right after mine, and it looks like it is an answer to my statement…
i meant no mocking
i am sorry

It worked.

Just refresh it and you will get it.
I guess they puted that pic of the gold portal…

Should be fixed now.
Thank you for reporting.


Thank you Sarah!