Cannot register

hello i seem to not be able to register an account for battle dawn.
Every time i click register it says invalid email, no matter what email i put in there.


Hmm, that is odd… can you give an example of what kind of email you’re using? Can’t imagine why it’s saying it’s no valid if you’re using a valid one. If possible, please provide screenshot of the error as well. Thanks!

indeed odd but it seemed to work with a short email and my others are quite long and this issue has been fixed.

How long exactly? I’ll investigate if we’ve some kind of character limit for some reason.

That said, usually in these cases it turns out an account was already made in the past. Could you check?

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i had started playing it (never played before except mobile) wanted to make an account but for some reasons only 1 of like 10 worked.

I am still unable to register.