Cannot login to account


So I was doing a mission, and then I decided to go watch YouTube then when I got back on, all I heard was gunshots and I was stuck on the title screen and it does not load!





Contact @Sarah247 , she’ll try to help you.


You can try clearing all cookies from your browser, this might help or try a different browser :slight_smile:


I’m on a phone and I don’t know if that has anything to do with it?


Try force stopping the app or restarting your phone. This might help?


I think it has something to do with the account


Unlikely to be your account thats the trouble :slight_smile:

At worst delete the app off your phone and then re-download it.


I tried that a while back and it’s still like that but it works when I use my other account


Have you tried logging online with the account?


What do you mean?
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Logging on via


Maybe try another browser or restart your phone then try getting in if that doesn’t work then disconnect and reconnect to the internet then try getting in.


It logged me in but I don’t know it won’t work when I try to play


What do you mean could you please explian?


When I logged into the website it worked but when I try to log into the game all that happens is that I’m stuck on the title screen and I can’t do anything


Try restarting your computer and see if that fixes it. If not send me a picture or video of what’s happening.


That did not work unfortunately, and how do I send you a video?


Click reply to this comment then press the upload button it looks like an arrow pointing up then select the video you want to upload.


It says file not authorized