Cannot Interact with Same Account IP Address

i was about to attack EOT on F1 but then it says cannot attack same ip account

it happend to me years ago E5 Admin simmen was the Admin … i cannot attack any wreckages whole era LoL
i posted it on the past BD forum

this is my screenshot 3-4 years ago

Kindly Help :’( its not that were about to loose the war but i feel like its not fair when i cant attack one enemy op’s but his allies can attack mine, i cant keep that gate jammed until my bakap comes, that area is already on their middle hive :frowning:



Do you ever use puffin browsers to play BD?

There’s a slim chance that you and the other player have both used puffin and given the same IP however i believe the chance of this happening is under 1/4000

Yes i am using puffin but right now i’m on PC bro :’(

and 3 years ago i don’t use puffin, then how can’t i attack the wrecks ? does it means me and admin simmen uses same ip ?

Just reread changelog of the recent update and found the below

So shouldn’t be caused by Puffin. Best to shoot the admin an in game message and see whats up.

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the updated fixed cheating. maybe that’s why you’re unable to play, Freedom?

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Oh sad kaen , everyone cheats as per you :slight_smile:
Please develop some knowledge that all players don’t cheat like your friends (y)

And JED(Freedom) has never cheated in his entire BD carrier , just learn to think before you type dear kaen :slight_smile:

Hi Elcent , it’s not 1/40000
Jed is with me on f1 and I’m not able to attack the ones he isn’t able to , I reported this to Admin Theo but he refused to help

I mean he’s played with frequent cheaters (eMooo, DoN, Zain) so it’s likely

This update made it easier to detect, if he refused to help (which I kina doubt) then clearly you’re in the wrong. I trust the admins over y’all lets be honest.


Same Carter let’s be honest , you’ve played with the cheater Senatus , does it mean that you also cheat on the game ?

JED played that f1 with (emo,zain) because I didn’t bring my team to play . He just played randomly with players , as we all do

Question here is not that who cheats and who doesn’t , it’s simply that If this Puffin issues can be fixed.

I played with him once during e4 :thinking: and his ban was essentially a joke. Placing 5 colonies of himself on a world?[quote=“2bmp3tp, post:9, topic:6206”]
Question here is not that who cheats and who doesn’t , it’s simply that If this Puffin issues can be fixed.

Puffin has been used to cheat in the past and that’s undeniable. I’ve never run into problems using mobile when playing normally though. But hey, maybe it is a bug, but let’s hear from @Alexander or @Theo

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There may be a bug. I’m sure that Alex will look into it. I’m also sure that a lot of people are worried because they have cheated and are about to be found out.

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It is a bug Carter , Admin Theo agreed to me and also told that he can’t fix it , So we approached Admin Alexander

Which one is it tho?

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why would i place 2 Multies in enemy team, boost army and fight my own team when war started instead of just using them to kill our enemies when we started the war … RIP Logic

You’re weird. That doesnt make any sense. Why did you do it?

How could you forget Romeo? Jed plays with Romeo, who has been known to do shady things

Romeo was perma-banned for those shady things I think

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Well, these connections are already expired…

Regardless, I have just purged our pre-update data to make it a bit more do-able to track. (the new data has way more information about its origin, plus doesnt include puffin stuff… so a bit less of a headache)

Thank you Alexander , You fixed everything:)

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