Cannot connect to BD servers


I have been trying to connect to BD and BG but it just won’t load for some reason. I also tried to connect to some other servers like the rc.battlegate ones and that isn’t working either. I can only connect to the kong servers which are pretty much dead anyway so I was just wondering if anyone had some fixes for this problem.


  • Crashr


a friend told me they were “attacked”

so uhhhh




@Alexander needs to clarify on what has happened


Battledawn is having some uh, intresting server issues, right now.

Check back in a few hours :slight_smile:


^you couldn’t me more vague :stuck_out_tongue:


How long do you consider to be a while?



They are back up and running :slight_smile:


We can connect to the server but the ticks are still paused. When will the ticks resume do you suppose?


To everyone the server will be back in 3 hours about

3 am GMT +3 (I think)


Yo they are down again is it the same issue @Carter