Cannot complete daily mission due to Inventory limit

This inventory limit is really hitting my gameplay hard.

Not only is it affecting my rate of mythical item crafting, it is also affecting my token earning from the daily missions.

Since you cannot open boxes, you cannot complete that mission on obtaining was it 20(?) or so items. And… since you cannot complete that, you cannot get tokens.

Is this another kick in the face for F2P players?

Things were fine when the limit was not in place. Most of my items are actually the fusion kits and my 6 mechs. Having 6 mechs already screwed me up since it took up around 100 of my inventory already. I already destroyed 1 mech.

I still do not want to waste my power kits just so I can get more stuff.

I suggest that equipped items not be counted as inventory, and power kits not be counted as inventory, too.

We can define inventory as items on hand and not in use. 150 items (not counting equipped inventory) may be reasonable. I read recommendations of around 300 initial inventory because it probably also counts the equipped inventory.

What do you think? This is probably my current main issue with the game. I’m stuck.

Just found out that there are on going discussions today about the inventory limit. These talks are to optimise the limit and are still very much in the discussion stage. Sarah will let you know of any further updates to the inventory limit.

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Well, I hope they implement this “solution” SOON.

Because I will soon be really stuck in the game wherein all I will have left are power kits that I am unwilling to fuse to a rare malice beam just so I can free up 50 or so of my inventory.

Then, the next step would be to cannibalize my 3rd-6th mech.

This sure is a fun game, eh? :sweat_smile:

Item limit was off . I opened all my boxes. Not sure if its a glitch but whatever.

The toilet with the flush sound…

That way at least you can get back to a daily grind :slight_smile:


They but a break on the item limit. Was 1 day soon enough? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully a more permanent solution is made in the 20 day extension.

The toilet did not help.

It just made more crap. I could have sworn my item count increased when I flushed that toilet.