Cannot Color Items Ready to Transform

A level 40 legendary item won’t accept a color kit transformation. It demands to be transformed with 5 legendaries and an obscene amount of coinage first. Very annoying bug.

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Any chance for a video or screen shots?
What items are you referring to?
Anyone more information will help us out.

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He means, items that are already fused to the max cannot be colored, as you cannot attempt to boost them anymore.

This applies to all item rarities, from Common to Mythical. (Although you could transform lower rarities, to allow for further fusion down the line).

Get it now!
Thanks @Fluxeon
I am sending this over to the team.

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Yes this is because the item filter changes when an item is being upgraded compared to when it is being transformed. Upgrade interface allows anything to be put in, old items, new items, color kits, whatever. But transform is very specific, only allowing new items of the same item tier to be picked.

The ‘kits’ filter is empty, even if you have color kits, when looking at a max level item. Level 30 epic, level 40 legendary, et cetera.

Yeah that bugg is so annoying lol

Thats the problem with yiu lot. I dont have maxed items, so i dont gotta worry about lame issues like this. Your fault if you maxed something.

Known design flaw.
No date for fix as of yet.

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should have said it would be fixed “soon” just to wind fluxeon up.

you know how he is with his colour kits.

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N O “soon”



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