Cannot Click the "Unclaimed Boxes" Tab

I have several premiums and now a free box I clicked on this morning stored there and even though I have totally gutted my entire workshop to limbo below your frankly unreasonable standards I find myself unable to click the tab and claim my items. untill this point I assumed it would be clickable once you were under the limit, but it’s not.

losing my patience.

same happened,dunno why tho

Hi @Sarah247, This is still an ongoing problem for @Misfit. Would you be able to take a look into it?

Bug: Unable to click Unclaimed Boxes tab. Player is within user inventory limit.

Misfits ID: 3276490

Even the pop-up that appears when you fuse away stuff that says “You have unclaimed boxes” is not clickable?

We are working on it right now…

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This was fixed for @Misfit.
If anyone else is having this issue please post here with your User ID and we will get this fixed.
Thank you!


Stumbled upon the same problem today on mobile.
The unclaimed tab can’t be accesed.

Curious if you try on Web would it work? Can you try?

Not atm…maybe tomorow evening when i get home.
They just keep pileing in tho… kinda of funny.

No problem just sent it over to the dev. Will get back to you when I know something.

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Can you check now? They did a fix.

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ive been having the same problem, i have had to spend countless tokens on money for upgrades and inventory slots, i have at least 8 unclaimed boxes and i have 103/105 inventory slots used, this is a very big problem for me as i cannot claim my mythical, silver, mixed, and other boxes.

ID : 14417957

(P.S. if you dont know me, i am Ninety9lives, a long time player since 2009)

Can you please try now?

Fixed, thank you Miss

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uh did you claim my mythical and silver boxes?
my 5 mixed were there but my 2 silvers and one mythical arent :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here - after clearing bellow item limit, this dialog appeared

After that, no matter what (reinstall on android, refresh browser…) cannot access Unclaimed box tab.
Error is repeatable if I recreate procedure / fill item limit then fuse some…/

My ID: 17295686

Experiencing same problem, gave some details in post above,
MyID: 17295686


On it. Let me see what the team says.

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Can you please try now?

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Problem fixed - confirmed at android and PC. Thank you.

On the other side - sadly “increased legendary chance” remains still a hoax. Bought 7 boxes to test - 0 legendaries. Cold shower what to say