Cancerous Items and Why They are Cancer


Write*, not wright. mispelled.


Your 2 heats with deso… yes. You carry 1 weapon that consume energy… hell! Did u havent another thing?

Good thing is your multi PP.


That wuz on pirpuz bigg dum


LOL. Flame war. :rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy:


Get it? _emphasized text_FLAME war. And i’m heat. :rofl::rofl:


Yes its does consume energy. Besides, i do think they perform well vs elecs. Due to shetload of hp, protector and wheels…


I’m still waiting for the ‘cancerous players’ topic. Which brave soul will create it?


Ah,that would probably be an flag and unlist.


I’m not a top player so I wouldn’t know.

Maybe @Winz_Kay should make one.


I love controvery.


Main post updated.


Oh my,even more cancerous stuffs i have in my invetory.


I don’t even know what you have in your inventory


Every single cancerious items you puted in.
I’m not joking.



Like Cosmic_Balls
He should take a xanax, or very strong weed


I just realised how this topic is just funny.


More crying? Oh god, someone stop this topic please, i cant stop laughing at it :joy:


Nope, i was here laughing, but then i remember something:

Okay, now i’m leaving with my cancerous items, byyyyye :slight_smile:


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