Can you see me now?

Tell me if you do pesants.

@Eneginner i can see you!

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You were saying?

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Welp…again with this raid bug.

That’s what I’d like to hear from my phone :’<
Aaargh,God damn it!

Oh wait, can’t reach it. God dammit.

Call police.

I’ll keep an eye out and re-check every now and then.
At least,thanks to you,hope is not lost.

To stick with the topic…can you still see me?

Ehh??? I thought I was Top 4?

Oh wait, suprisingly I still am. What theeeeeee


Only I can be famous lmao

This raid system is soo fuqed.

Nibba if I still breathe, then I can still offense.



RIP @The_Yo_Yo_Man 2018

Mouse always lives.

why are we all top 4…

Don’t mind that, who’s the guy named “Stupid Update” is the real question.

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