Can you rate my mech please? :)

and told me what I should improve please :slight_smile:

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I forgot my mech stats so I add it

no myth hp plate, no face shocker, mech not full myth

Needs Face Shocker and better modules. Otherwise great.

Your mech seems to be capable of draining a lot of energy. A Face Shocker drone would be better for you.

Are you skiloz?(least20charasxnsjchxnjs)

Well that’s actually pretty good! i recommend you to put something for mid range like the corrupted light because you will get some trouble with mechs that have more than 2000hp. You should also replace your epic hp module with an legendary-mythical one ( if you have any ).

yes I am :slight_smile: !!!

I wait to find a bunker shell because its op and is weight is 50 and I have 950 :slight_smile
and I want to find one hp plate legendary/myth and one windforge drone or one face shocker but I never drop him

This thing? just keep farming the current portal on hard until it runs out. I’ve managed to snag a few legs (this included) from it. Happy farmin

I farm more than 500 energy on it but only drop 2 legendaries cause of 50% drop rate for a box

Hmmm, well I can’t help there. but if you’ve still got the “transform to mythical” achievement undone, do it. It gives a box with what I believe is a guaranteed chance of leg (that or I was lucky, but dunno hope it helps?).

I already did it :frowning: but I farm the event and with a lot of luck i can drop it

Well, good luck farmin mateo! :grin:

The mech is very good overall,however it could use one more mid-range weapon,for example another Last Words or a Malice Beam.You get a 9 from me

I can be rank 20 with my mech totally not full mythical and 950 weight /1000 so when I got my bunker shell and full mythical maybe in the top 10 :slight_smile:

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I grinded that portal 40 times. After the 30th run i only got rares somehow ._.

Well all the legs/epics/rare I got were across two accounts (Yes I’m that bored). But the majority are on my alt. I guess I was just lucky? haven’t seen any since.