Can you guess what this weapon is?


It is an energy weapon.
Look closely.

good luck

I’m guessing Last Words.

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Epic flamethrower? Idk

08 PM
a blade

Yoshimo sword or something

Little red piece at the top…57 PM

StormWeaver? Bunker Shell? Malice Beam? Valiant Sniper? Hysteria? The Electric Hammer thing? Last Words? Electric NightEagle?

Last Words is the only weapon I know that has such a curve in it’s graphic.
And I’m guessing a legendary Last Words!

I’m guessing the legacy item the drainer. Only top weapon that hit at range 2

Told y’all :stuck_out_tongue:

Gosh,it took me ages to edit it so it becomes more visible.I went through around 8 edits in a row xD

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Or terror cry… the phis version of it.
There you go 50-50% to guess it.

Nonono, I tell ya, he found the heat counterpart to TC and LW that everyone has always thought to not exist.
So now the chances are 1/3:1/3:1/3.


Guess that makes the chances 100% :))

if he found that… that is like the rarest thing in the game… like… only noonehasit has it.

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Well, there is still the chance that the ‘clue’ is just given to mislead us.
And with that all possibilities are open again.


and if you think about it… the legacy versions of it… hmm
it can turn out to be a torso or legs :))

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It’s last words…I tilted my computer up and the shape of the last words appeared

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its just a red box…if the picture ever was a weapon its not anymore, its been edited to be just a red box.