Can you get more than one fortune box from 1 level

hey im just thinking if you get a fortune box from a normal boss level can you get a bother fortune bow from the same level in same difficlety?

Yes you can, normally people grind on ramboy that Is the first boss in the game.

Your first win on any boss mission gives u a fortune box, for other wins also there is chance of getting fortune box maybe 1 in 10-15 runs

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oh ok thx so much :slight_smile:

its not working for ramboy…

You will get a fortune box in around every 15 runs but them drop rate is a bit low

ok srry i just got one rare one

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so if you play on a harder difficulty do you get more of a chance of getting a fortune box of give you a better chanse of getting better loot?

I play on insane to get better rewards but no, the difficulty doesn’t matter

is it better to farm bb or rb?

oh wow LOL i got 4 fortune boxes from farming rb but no ledgenderys :frowning:

RB on normal is best cuz we can clear it in 1-2 mins and also has same box drop rate as BB

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ok cool i made a new profile to farm on

Is that really so?
In that case,if I take on every mission in the campaign I’d get 6 of them?
Uuh boy I’m gonna test it rn.

Yeah if you are playing for the first time

I’m on my 5th boss and got not a single fortune box…
Did you mean when you complete the boss for the first time ever or the first time of the day?

ever I thinkThis text will be blurred

Well…There’s still something not right…

Brother,did you mean ‘‘premium’’ instead of fortune?
I’m sure it gives a premium after you finish it (but you have to claim it).

premium box is from achievements. but first win (On normal )always drops fortune box

DO you do it in insane ?

i do it on normal and i get alot of fortune boxes

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