Can you find her plz

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Tinder…I dunno…if she maybe you know duh…!!! Damn I miss her so much :broken_heart::sob::cry::broken_heart::sob::broken_heart::cry::cry::broken_heart::broken_heart::cry::sob::broken_heart::cry::sob::disappointed_relieved::sob::disappointed_relieved::broken_heart::sob::cry::broken_heart:!!!

Umm… Why did you use so many emojis? it really eyes hurting… and just DM XxAnimeGirlxX and DarthVectivus…


Expressing my emotions…

It does not express any emotions tbh…

Uh, whats your in-game?

??? Didn’t get you bro…

He wants to know your username for SuperMechs

It does express my emotions…you can’t get that…


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My in-game is Shray D. …

I kicked you @HRPBDL cause you were writing abundantly long caring love messages to Tiana every day which dominated the clan chat of Cosmic Divinity.

I asked you to stop that, and warned you about potential kick. Since I didn’t like seeing my 90% of other clannies getting silenced by awkwardness.

But hey, it was past and isn’t relevant to me anymore as much. Still wish you luck in finding AnimeGirl~!

It wakes some memories in me as well… Ahhh when Darth was a 13 yo kiddo it was the same…! Seeking girls around Clash of Clans chat ~…

Have fun~! :slight_smile:


Man… Being rude and giving wishes…damn you fool back off…just tell where is she…because I lost her Instagram account…you…damn it…

Why are you smiling like that …is it funny for you…

Meh, he’s “apollo” a part of the German community I believe he’s acquainted with your Bonny lass.

This all started in german chat , isn’t it


You know you should remove yourself away from the game when you fell in love with someone in a robots fighting game chat lobby riddled with kids that only want to have an intercourse with your mom


Haha, precisely, Nata.


I am not being rude, that’s just how you percieve it. Oh well, if that’s so I am not gonna try to change your mind.

I am being exact. There is nothing rude that I said. Tbh I very much so agree with @TheWindWeaver there. Tiana probably wants to get away from you either way due to how annoying you can be buddy… Learn something on being charismatic at least, try to.

Also less spam and annoyance.

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i don’t associate with roleplayers, i was calling him a clown but i guess he’s too dense to get it