Can you drop on any suggestions for my mech <------open

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Yep… change torso to a epic-legendary-myth one and get it to myth fully fused status(wendingo,brutality,naga,avenger).
Would take 1, about 1.5 weeks to do that.
Get some modules to myht status, then focus on mything the wepons.
Change the epic only ones for wepons that go all thw way to myth.
An epoc to be taken to myth fully fused status… needs about 1.5 weeks(of 4grinds/day of 50 energy each), and 1m gold coins.

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Ok thank you rn I’m upgrading my avenger torso and I just got lightning supporters so have to start upgrading that too.

Avenger is kinda of good if you face phis mechs.
I would suggest brutality or wedingo(if you go for energy build,as you do).
Then add histeria as a top wepon, and go for last words and malice after as side wepons.
Modules are important, 160 cooling and 400 heat cap are a must nowadays, and 1600+hp build puts you in the top 100 players
Best of luck young one, feel free to pm me any other questions.

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Phy epic items drop is quite frequent, you can make anyone of this mech. Upgradation process will take time & patience so choose item wisely.

I think…160 cooling is not sufficient…

depends where he is in the ladder. 160 cooling hasnt been a problem for me up to ladder rank 5.

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Obvious. I mean a mythical level mech.

Ahh okay, my mistake :slight_smile:


Is that in any case is an mistake on my part, because I think the goal is to have a mythical full fused …

then from the beginning, the different stages (epic, legendary), are preparations for final product … at least that is how I see it …