Can you do this?

Can you do this in less than 30 minutes? I certainly did.

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all these missions??

I did this 0.001 seconds
Beat that


Yes. Also no refills and no revives. (Yes, I beat them with no revives or refills, and I barely even used my 2nd mech and Repiar kits xd)

I could’ve have done that but i am a lazy bozo.

Soo nah.

You don’t have enough fuel for full campaign lol


Clan Box 30 + PVP 20 + 66 = 116

Total Required to complete this entire chapter. I made a mistake, it takes more than 160+ fuel to complete it.

(actual total 198)

No where near enough (even with clan box and pvp bonus). Even saving the pvp bonus over the course of two days isn’t enough since beyond 116-120 it doesn’t save the fuel. Believe beyond one of those any amount of fuel not under will be used in one turn. (EX: 150 fuel > one run = down to 116-120 after said run).

So you definitely refueled or somehow pulled an extra 50+ fuel out of your bum.


Lol im taking my time on this , just got the side missions left.

I already defeated it all, including side missions on insane.

umm I have 64 :stuck_out_tongue:

You can have more than one Clan Box if you collect them for several weeks…

You forgot the 10/15/20 fuels from the calendar too…^^

now make a youtube vid of it

at 3x speed

I had no Clan Box that time, when the Clan Box arrived, I spent it on farming In the Frozen Abyss in the 1v1 campaign, all I did with the fuel is just a regular 66 fuel + 20 Arena fuel + Fuel Refill by levelling up .-.

Easy: Yes
Normal: yes
Insane: Non’t

I am so close to complete the boss in insane

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Actually, I came up with an idea… Since the drops from the 2v2 campaign are abysmal (due to a glitch/bug of the initial stage of the missions), I decided to do only the easy level, of only the primary missions, until I complete the entire map (up to Big Boy). I hope that then I will start dropping good boxes (after all, I will have COMPLETED the missions by then, so the RNG does not suck on me…) At least this is the theory…

This may be a good theory. I recall someone having done this for the 1v1 camp. Didn’t really make much a difference for them.

Dunno if that’d apply for 2v2 but Ima guess it does. Unless your theory proves otherwise.

Fun Fact : Try to swipe as much as you can to the right side of the Lost Valley in the 2v2 campiagn, you’ll see green cracks, light, and stuff. :upside_down_face: