Can we try and make a tournoment


I will try and host it might be hard but I honk I can do it

  • Would like Brennan it to host a tournament and I want to join
  • Or just no I don’t want anything to do with it

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Why not joining GOAT tournament instead of try starting something new?


I thought of that but I want to try and host it by my self with so different rules


You’re inexperienced.
First off,you gotta know what you’re doing before starting something like this.

But oh well,a new tournament would be nice;something different I would welcome.
Though you have to make it original (not alter the GOAT) and legit (by planning a reward or something with the devs).

I wish you good luck!


okay fine let this topic fade away


Good idea, in principle. However, you gotta have more than just a tournament idea - how would it be different? Which rules would change? How would it be unique and fun? If you can answer those questions you can get some opinions that’ll really help you. Until then, good luck and I, at least, will watch this idea.


nah i think evernone would nor want it if i made it because i probliy my ideas are stupid i just might need to think harder


Hey man, if you have something its always worth trying. Sure, some people won’t be particularly nice, but in my view an honest idea is never stupid. I, for one, would be glad to offer genuine feedback if you want it.


thanks at least you will help me


i though i did what you told me