Can u pls change the module slots?!?!

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So this is dumb… I have playing on this account for about 2 months now… and i havent gotten a stupid epic generator OR capsule. I’ve only gotten it in common and rare, but I get about 4 epics a day andy HAVEN’T GOTTEN A SINGLE ONE!!! can u pls change it so rare modules turn into their epic, legendary, or mythical counterparts!?! pls supermechs pls change

look at this… 2 MONTHS OF WORK… AND I CANT GET A freaking epic module?!? at least make them more common…


i haven’t got any so i am using legacy ones good enogh

what are your stats?

storage units ar kind of hard to get since theyre leg-myth only
mass booster r easier
but if u need a responsive good and easy to get module use engines
u can easily get em on ramboy ive got 4 on last week

If you lack of good items play more

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It’s called do like the rest of us who have had to keep hammering good maps that come along in campaign when they decide to show their ugly faces…

OR hope the daily bonus premiums give you one
OR silver boxes
OR buy premium boxes

storage units r epic-myth

lol. thats funny. I play every day bro

Here are my stats:

I play for 3 years as much as possible

I play for 3-4 months now and I got almost enough of them to fill one mech:

As a result my stats are currently like this:

So it is just a matter of luck to get those modules.

heat storage unit and energy storage unit?
both appear for me as leg-myth only
arent u confusing them with engines or mass boosters?


lol. literally 1 week later…

here are my stats: