Can' t get in the account, not changed password


Hi, I have tried to get on my accont that I am using everyday, from 5 days I can’ t get in, but I gave no one my information and I don’t even chat.

It happen the same thing 2 years ago, when I got really strong and suddenly I could not get in.
Then I contacted the support but no help that time. Now after I made the request to admin of the reason of the happening, they solved the old problem with the old account, now useless, and told to me that they can’ t unlock the one I am using now.

This look very strange to me, with my actual account I was having a mec with all mithics items, more than 1000 token, and they say now that they cannot merge my account. Why then my old one is now working? of course after two years is obsolete and useless.

I confirm I give no one my info, no contacts with other player, just my password and my email is not existing for the sistem any longer.

Can samebody tell me why please?


Did you play on Facebook by any chance?
Happened to me,too.I lost my first account suddenly and for no reason at all.


no, i used only the login of battledown, never used facebook for that


Is there any way you could help this poor guy out,please?
Thank you!