Can somone do a favor

Can somone make my torso and legs white so i can see, if possible.

Its not really possible

Also dont waste tokens on white paint, it is useless
(Besides, max mythical black looks cooler)


It is possible to repaint them. But why, white paint for 100 tokens is pointless. It looks ok with some parts. Not all.

Can u send me a pic of ur mech for refrence

For black maxed mythical color, or for white? (cause I dont have white)

Just send me a pic of ur mech

I have those , dont paint in white.

Better buy any other cheaper color kits.

Combinate them.


Also you are stupid if you buy 3 white kits.

Thats one premium pack at the discount right there.

White is expensive af.
Im pretty sure that you should use small cost one’s.

02 PM

Looks very beautiful though. My mech kinda looks similar to yours so here you go

Disclosure: I did not save up… I’m too lazy, I used my prize tokens from one of Kaen’s challenges

I though cuenta won…

I said “one of kaens challenges”. Geez can no one read the comments properly

Oh there is more of Kaen’s challenge’s?
Off topic btw

Yes. And I won one of them and so did Cuenta

I know