Can someone tell me what is this Kin system?

I created my new acount and i have this feature called Kin Ecosystem and I dont have that in my first Acount

I need this in my first acount

It was another cryptocurrency that they possibly were gonna add, they tested it just like any new feature and put it on specific new accounts. Usually a few weeks after that, they announce it’s addition to the game, which has not happened yet.


Do you think they will add those to old acounts?

Probably not, because it’s been a while and most of the community did not like it.

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Whatt this seems like a cool update.


It’s a piece of crap.

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Yeah i agree for me its good also but not that bad especially im a F2P player

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Take L4K3 for example.

What about him?
Aye what dobI do with common and rare relics? Like what items.

You can search on my topic about kins for more info.


Why do you think it’s crap buddy?

Might work I think. The question remains for what purpose is it added. We already have tokens.


Each Kin we spend, devs get more money weekly. They get weekly payout depend on how much we spend.


Great, that’s a good addition. More for them, more for us.

Win / Win.

Thanks for mentioning your topic about Kins, very informative and well structured! :smiley:

Suggest you to find it and copy a link so that people don’t have to bother searching themselves.

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Remember when they made an update for mining bitcoin. Something like that, I just did research and that was illegal lol.

Also common and divine relics cant be used :v


This is not same. :slight_smile:


What about him?

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Broski Lake is typing, what is he gonna say…
Anticipation is killing 0’.0’

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The idea itself isn’t bad,but it implies some other things.
By adding Kins as a shared cryptocurrency,SM will be ‘‘branded’’ into the thread of all things that use Kins.

The purpose is to get them more money.For that,they’ll join pretty much a virtual market containing all games that also share this currency.The currency is shared among the integrated platform and it pretty much links all games that use it.

It’s hard to explain,but it is what it is.I think this is the last thing we need.

What we need is real game maintenance,interaction between the devs and the playerbase (these guys never listen to us),less greed with shitty offers of ‘‘15 prem packs for 3000 tokens’’ instead of individual 1k tokens for 5 packs (higher limit with either all or nothing,cheap marketing scheme to get people to buy),better drop rates and overall more love shown to the players.We play their game,not the other way around.

They take our stuff and never listen to what we actually want and need.Yet they wanna join a thread of games to make even more money while they shit out the game and give us everything we don’t want.

Sorry to be so negative but this is the truth.Their actions have been proven bullshit time after time and I won’t refrain for publicly saying it.


Sorry for betraying your expectations.I know it wasn’t what you have anticipated.


No worries, really not a thing to say sorry for mate~

I was expecting a long truth imposing wall of text. Agreed with many things you said. As long as it proves to be good for them and for us, I don’t see why not.

Every improvement is good.

Question is how much work, financial investment and possible risks come from other possible “improvements”. This one is rather simple and economical. Not too many risks taken by players disliking it, since we would get more tokens. Tacticsoft will get more money.

What I disagree with you is that it’s the last we need. No, I think we need everything that’s possible and proves good. Especially if it’s not too radical.

Speaking of radical changes, Tacticsoft knows the best what happened after reloaded.

These small changes that are generally beneficial to the players and to the Developers are very good in my opinion.

The more money they get, the more they will invest in the game and make it better.

I think it’s a wise choice if it proves positive for us all. No matter how small or “insignificant” it may seem :slight_smile: