Can someone help me get my acc back?


I know, kim is hacking my acc because i let EPX play my acc, but can someone help me get my acc back by talking to kim? Please…


how can i reset my password to my account in super mechs




Good oportunity for creating new acc and goimg fresh thru game


I agree with you Fluxeon…NEVER…give your username and password to anyone


DAMN (teh stupid character must be 1200101010202929292992)


if I were you I would try and talk to him and convince him to give it back or just restart fresh…


Restarting fresh sucks, you have far less a chance to get good weapons. I have had several people begging for my account to “share” recently. They have kind of the same bot, but mine is better. I am sure they want to “share” bet they want to change my password and steal my acct.