Can someone explain how this works?

Now, I don’t wanna be that person who complains about the little things, but this is unfair in my opinion. I would gladly appreciate anyone who can explain how the reward system works


There has been quite a few threads dedicated to this problem. It seems a lot of levels do not give the stated XP that they should.


And… these are not fixed yet why?

They should change that. It probably caused a lot of players (mostly new ones) a bit dissapointed. I myself got a bit negative when I got 1.1k xp when I should b getting 1.5k. (Sorry for my bad typing, I’m not used to this).

Sarahs statement on the pproblem:

I think she was correct partially, some of the reward did not show up in the final screen, However, there is still a large amount missing. Since they changed the system its become more noticeable when the XP amount is off.

@Sarah247 Would you be able to have a quick look into this?

Seems hard/insane missions lose XP and coins. and can be as much as a 40% loss of earnings on the Big Boy mission last time i checked.

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i have quite a few times wrote down how much gold and xp i have before a mission and checked what it is afterwards. unless the reward for a mission shows up much later, the numbers are way off. i initially thought it’s not all included in the post-mission splash screen that says how much you earned, but i tested it and you get what it shows in the end, not what it promises before you start playing

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mine said 250 and i got 1,123