Can someone enlighten me? Rank wise in the forum

So I have been a member for a long time, and I see people like Yeet and PleasureBot3000 who just joined, and are members. I think that since I have been helping out a lot, I think that I deserve to be a regular.

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  • ehh…

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you are quite close to being a regular but aren’t active enough :slight_smile:

level 3 is something that isnt given out easily. Its reserved for the top contributers in the forum.


Also, you should spam less.



what is level 3?
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Gives a user mini mod powers. They can move topics and rename them.

They also gain access to the lounge :slight_smile:

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whats the lounge and how to you become level three

what are the levels also

give discourse trust levels a search :slight_smile:

Also, it shouldn’t be a rush to the higer trust level possible. Just keep doing what you usually do and don’t worry too much about it.

I’m member, although I haven’t done much.

@Yeet’s a basic now, apparently.

How to earn leader?
Lol no way
Except join forum in Feb 17 2017

what do you mean? Like I should give less likes? Less responses?

You can give out all the likes you won’t, that’s perfectly fine.

I’m talking about spam, not any other behaviour: e.g. the other day where you made 4 or 5 post tagging people saying ‘1 like 1 pray etc’, you know what I’m talking about. One post could have been even funny, four weren’t really needed.
I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you posting off topic stuff every now and then in serious threads, and I’m just suggesting you to try staying a little bit more on topic when you reply to a serious thread.

Likes, answers, everything done with a lil bit of salt is absolutely good, even spam and offtopics can be funny when they aren’t too frequent; that’s what I wanted to point out.

thanks. I’ll keep this in mind while in the home stretch for Regular

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You don’t fit the criteria.

In the future, I’d recommend for that link to be pinned. For two reasons

  1. Teach new members about each trust level and inform them.

  2. To aid those wondering why they haven’t received a certain trust level/role.

Nice read otherwise.

Doesn’t the tutorial explain them a bit?

Funny thing about that. If I could find the bloody thing I could answer you.

Not meaning to sound rude, just haven’t found the tutorial. (Probably should look more).