Can someone could give me real reasons to..?


Real reasons to buy tokens… i have anything
Real reasons to keep playing… i like game design and… and… yeap thats all im bored


Try getting yourself a solo medal?


not interested on be top player, i play to get fun not to be stressed an give half of my life a game
thats why i dont see why i would be interested on that
the only real reason for me would be support devs because i like this game but its still not a good game for more than a month so… i still dont do that untill i see more fun on game


There are most probably 3 main reasons why people purchase tokens.

  1. Chance of getting the best items
  2. A chance to get the attention of top clan leaders (although it could require more than 200$ spent which is worth 17400 tokens)
  3. Supporting the game

Though there’s 1 very nice benefit - No advertisements.

However, it is definitely up to you if you want to spend on the game. If you’re actually going to buy tokens, buy the one that you think is enough. Then, wait for a discount for the special boxes.


as i see: 1 my luck its the worst so i could spend all my money work more to buy more and dont get any of the 7 items i need then i just make another acc to remember the fun i feel on the game at begginning and get 3 mythical items that i need on my main acc in the firrst silver box, depress and send to hell the game, then comeback and again feel bored send again the game to the hell its ciclic you know
2 not interested
3 the only good reason and dont deserved yet
advertisements arent a problem with an adware depuration