Can somebody show me a pic of magma blast?

I have see people say it, but I also hear stuff like bulldog which I have no idea of what they are. Please send pics and tell me if they are op or not.

This thing? *(taken from the old mythicals topic).

This ones pretty OP, especially if you’ve two or hell three of em. (Not recommended). As for bulldog, I believe that’s an energy weapon? (never seen it so idk).

wow :open_mouth: this thing is op plus, if anybody has clash, I would like to see it

Useful ith bunker, heavy though. (Taken from same topic, apologies).

And here, the old mythicals topic so you can see most of the current top tier weapons (or well all the good ones, minus a few like VS, SCOPE etc).

this is the new mythicals (post nerf) topic by andernut, has just about everything. Although no pics (sadly).

Aight since I’m at it (and bored atm), this guy went through the trouble of taking pics and putting them together to show them off. So leave em a like to show appreciation for his effort. Also has almost everything currently used (albeit it still rare af).

Bulldog is the energy counterpart of Mercy and Reckoning (so the “upgraded” Faithful Steel ^^)

But I dunno if it’s OP or not…

Here is a picture of a bull dog

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Hı, i have a Bulldog. But not upgrade Myth… Here is…