Can not login with Google Play


Have you tried some others apps, programs??
Or try on computer.


Thanks @bestplayerintheworld I have an alt account but the original is strongest and took me two years. I already check IP and Google Play and they have no problems


I appreciate the help that is offered to me by Jess de Tacticsoft. I hope that I can recover my account thanks to him


I appreciate the help that is offered to me by Jess de Tacticsoft. He continues helping me. THANKS JESS


Any update please ???


Hey, that’s very strange as the devs have already fixed the issue O_o There is a very strange case here, we will keep fighting, Pedro


Hello @Berserk40000, dear friend, thanks for your words. I have received a lot of help from Jess. But when I try to recover my account, the same error of November 16 of last year happens again. When selecting the option to enter the account of Google Play, the game restarts on its own, and the option of Google Play disappears, only remaining to enter the option of the account of Facebook and the option of the Supermechs account. If the developers already recovered my account, could they link it to a Supermechs account, with a Predator username and a password they want? The option to enter through the Google Play account would seem to have been damaged


Pedro, why can’t you link your account to Super Mechs, like this?


Thanks @rc1 for your tips, but I only have an account on Google Play. I never had an account in Supermechs or Facebook, so I can only enter through Google Play


Developers have the ability to link and migrate accounts across different platforms via special


Except Kongregate


I would like to request the developers to enable a link through a new account for Supermechs, because the Google Play account does not allow me to enter


Well, something with your device is very strange, we’ve been trying to recover your acc and we’ve done everything that eventually helps everybody
Well, it means we have a mystery we are going to unfold together
We will just keep trying, but this is quite strange


@Berserk40000 Thank you dear friend. I’m not sure it’s my phone, since I no longer use the same one I had when the problem started. Something is damaged with the Google Play account, which does not allow me to access. Thanks for your help, thank Jess and TacticSoft for continuing to help me


Any update? Please and thanks


Any update? Please and thanks


How many months has it been with no account access, Pedro?


Sad… did you delete this game from google play ?. Did you permanently delete your google play account from device ?
If youre getting no google play tab thats mean game has overwrite your progress and tell you to start over.


@Mechzilla I do not have access to my account for almost 5 months


@Doraemon thank you for your comments. I never deleted my Google Play account. Just uninstall Supermechs and Google Play millions of times to see if I could log into my account again. I have other games linked to my Google Play account and they work without problems. I only have one Google Play account. Thank you