Can not login with Google Play


I can not do anything… I am neither mod nor developer. Just a very active forum iser


I feel a lot of helplessness and sadness that you still can not help me to recover my account. I wish I could do something but I can not do anything by myself to repair my account


Not to mention time, emotional and financial investment in the game. Hang in there, @Pedro_W. I hope the problem is resolved soon. #CustomerService


Thank you @Berserk40000! Any communication with developers gives my friend hope. Over 40 days with no account access. @michael


Like always thanks for your support @Mechzilla


I’m sorry that the devs weren’t able to solve your problem yet, truly sorry, will ping them once again :frowning:


Thanks @Berserk40000


Happy New Year to the Tacticsoft team


Hello friends. I would like to tell you that my daughter has a Supermechs account through her facebook account. But she does not use it anymore. Would it be possible to migrate the belongings of my Google Play account to her account so that I could play again? I have not been able to enter Supermechs for 50 days


Have you tried logging on Super Mechs account?


@rc1 I have not a Supermechs account, I just have a Google Play account. Thanks


Is there any news? Please !


Is there any news? Please ! At least tell me you are trying something. Please