Can not login with Google Play


My username of Supermechs is Predator. I always joined the game on Google Play. Since 18 days ago I can not enter the game because that option disappeared. Only give me as an option to enter the game on Facebook or Supermechs account, and I never had a password on the Supermechs account, and I do not have a Facebook account either. I have tried installing and uninstalling Supermechs and Google Play from my samsung J7 Prime phone many times. System Android 7.0 My Supermechs player number is 4314, Thank you

Where is Sarah?

@Berserk40000 @Smirk


Hey, I have already sent it to devs :slight_smile:


Thank you @Berserk40000. @Pedro_W is a great friend and devoted player. He has been waiting over 3 weeks to have access to his account again.


Thanks Mechzilla for your support. I tried what Berserk400000 suggested me but it does not work so I send him a log.


Hello @Berserk40000 I wanted to tell you that today I changed my phone. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy A8. Android version 8.0. I installed Supermechs with the hope that it would work, but I still can not enter with Googler Play. Please, I ask you if you can help me, I have been unable to play for almost a month.


Hey, noted, I will ask you to send another debug report (from your new phone)


I already made it my friend


Replied to you, mate :slight_smile:


Thank you very much bro


Is there any news? :disappointed_relieved:
@Berserk40000 @Mechzilla


I have no news. Your account is still in @Marija ‘s clan. Waiting for Tacticsoft to resolve the issue. It has been a whole month since you have been able to login to your Super Mechs account on Google Play. :man_shrugging::pensive:



Thanks for your support @Mechzilla


@Berserk40000 I want to suggest that if they can not fix the Google Play account, maybe they can merge it with the Supermechs account and leave it active with any password


Today I have not been able to play for 5 weeks. Please, I ask you to solve my problem. There’s nothing I can do, I’ve even changed my cell phone


@Smirk @Berserk40000 @SilverBox can you offer any update?


Merry Christmas to the Tacticsoft team !!!
@Smirk @Berserk40000 @SilverBox @WinzKay


thank you very much

i is tacticsoft very si bonito


Hey, the devs are trying their best, I am going to ask about your issue again @Pedro_W
Don’t worry, we won’t rest until your problem is fixed


Thanks @Berserk40000 and @WinzKay for your kind response. I think my account has been hacked during the November attacks and somehow it has been damaged and I can not do anything to recover it. I have all my faith in you.