Can not login with Google Play


My username of Supermechs is Predator. I always joined the game on Google Play. Since 18 days ago I can not enter the game because that option disappeared. Only give me as an option to enter the game on Facebook or Supermechs account, and I never had a password on the Supermechs account, and I do not have a Facebook account either. I have tried installing and uninstalling Supermechs and Google Play from my samsung J7 Prime phone many times. System Android 7.0 My Supermechs player number is 4314, Thank you


@Berserk40000 @Smirk


Hey, I have already sent it to devs :slight_smile:


Thank you @Berserk40000. @Pedro_W is a great friend and devoted player. He has been waiting over 3 weeks to have access to his account again.


Thanks Mechzilla for your support. I tried what Berserk400000 suggested me but it does not work so I send him a log.


Hello @Berserk40000 I wanted to tell you that today I changed my phone. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy A8. Android version 8.0. I installed Supermechs with the hope that it would work, but I still can not enter with Googler Play. Please, I ask you if you can help me, I have been unable to play for almost a month.


Hey, noted, I will ask you to send another debug report (from your new phone)


I already made it my friend


Replied to you, mate :slight_smile:


Thank you very much bro


Is there any news? :disappointed_relieved:
@Berserk40000 @Mechzilla


I have no news. Your account is still in @Marija ‘s clan. Waiting for Tacticsoft to resolve the issue. It has been a whole month since you have been able to login to your Super Mechs account on Google Play. :man_shrugging::pensive:



Thanks for your support @Mechzilla


@Berserk40000 I want to suggest that if they can not fix the Google Play account, maybe they can merge it with the Supermechs account and leave it active with any password


Today I have not been able to play for 5 weeks. Please, I ask you to solve my problem. There’s nothing I can do, I’ve even changed my cell phone


@Smirk @Berserk40000 @SilverBox can you offer any update?


Merry Christmas to the Tacticsoft team !!!
@Smirk @Berserk40000 @SilverBox @WinzKay


thank you very much

i is tacticsoft very si bonito


Hey, the devs are trying their best, I am going to ask about your issue again @Pedro_W
Don’t worry, we won’t rest until your problem is fixed


Thanks @Berserk40000 and @WinzKay for your kind response. I think my account has been hacked during the November attacks and somehow it has been damaged and I can not do anything to recover it. I have all my faith in you.