Can not connect to ladder

Hello, I can not connect to ladder.

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no se porque no me sorprende, creo la costumbre de ver como la cagan los desarrolladores, arreglan bugs pero no pueden arreglar el drone físico no use energía, hay cosas no tienen sentido XD!

Same here @ToxicDoll. I tried contacting support, hopefully this is resolved.

I think the server may be down or something. I cannot connect to anything except ad-farming tokens. Settings, Campaign, Upgrades, Workshop, Arena all give me the same message as posted by the OP.

Probably adding another quality update!
cuz we know a lot about those :slight_smile:

I tried to enter the lobby and and i can’t enter the lobby.
I think they shutdown multiplayer and next shutdown campaign.
Then only options is buy tokens and buy items.
And i guess The battle button will be replaced with a “Buy Tokens” .

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Hey, you stole my idea! :frowning:

:joy: :joy: :joy:
Your dream come true. Congrats

Hola. Soy Don Quixote y esto es JACKASS!!!

Anyone know when everything will be fully functional?

just buy tokens and shut up

no ladder, no mission… more glorious updates?

another computer games technical difficulties thing again here too, oh well its a good day in hell!!!:disappointed:

Yeah, No One Can Connect To The Ladder Battles Right Now …Maybe They Are Fixing Something!