Can Normal Weapons be Able to do as Much Damage as Bunker Shell and Flaming Scope?

Now, I never had much experience with these weapons. But I do know that they do a load of damage. But if I remember correctly, in the older versions, there were ways to deal more than 600 damage with normal weapons like the shot gun. Although, this was in the older version. I am not sure if they still have the healing drone from the older versions, but I still see very few people with it these days. This sort of process may not be possible, and may NEVER be possible, without having to deal too much damage done onto each other. Although, what I do wonder, is “what is the most amount of damage you can deal to someone?” So, I was thinking. What if we get a weapon that would reduce the other player’s resistance as low as it can get, and use the weapons that can deal a lot of damage, like Magma Blast, Bunker Shell, or even Flaming Scope. The most I think that it will do is at least 1200 or 1000 damage. Now I am not sure if Kig Blinc has already done this, but I am curious if it is possible right now.

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On a side note:

  • Flaming Scope can deal a maximum of 741 damages
  • Bunker Shell can deal a maximum of 586 damages on a drained opponent
  • Magma Blast can deal a maximum of 463 damages

Those values are valid for an opponent with 0 resistence; minimum resistence displaied is -99 but it’s just visual (you can actually go lower). Also, there’s currently anything like a repair drone, except for the legacy one ofc.

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What about this. For bunker shell, you know it is an energy weapon. So, energy weapons deal more damage if additional drainage in the energy storage is done. This can be useful for someone who has a low energy regeneration, and I don’t know what Bunker Shell’s mythical energy drainage is, but I would like to know.

Just a little tip.
In 3v3 if you down a mech you get 5% dmg increase.
So you can dial in another 10% dmg increase.
I would use heronmark to lover resis(-7), and i can hit alot of times since the dmg is low(220 max i think).
And after that… hit him with flaming scope.


Max Bunker damage is 586 as written above, since it deals 463 damage + 123 drain. That’s why I’ve specified ‘on a drained opponent’.

True! I’m too noob for 3v3 so I haven’t thought about it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

is that battle cats as ur prof pic?

yes xD Battle cats is still one of my most favorite games. LoL.

theorize, can theorize everything you want.

in fact, the weapon that hits hardest (once it has exhausted opponent’s energy), is the energy death punch (bunker shell). shot a little over 600.

Flaming Scope (heat weapon), I don´t mention it because it´s a very limited weapon.

u mean almost 600dmg r8? without resistance drain before BS never deal 600 dmg
& that max dmg only works if oponent its drained if not its like magma blast