Can I have some tokens for getting better heat items?


Can I have like, 600 tokens for buying boxes for good heat weapons because I just blew all of mine on gold boxes trying to get them and got absolute garbage.


No :v


Thanks Killin for the 400 tokens yesterday, I appreciate it.



######post must be 20 sentences wide


life is soo rude sometimes…


No problem


Ask the BD players theyre used to giving out tokens. In super mechs how good u are is directly correlated with how many tokens u spend. BD on the other hand not so much.(From what Ive heard).


BD is more about how much time you invest in learning the ins and outs of the game, and whether you can actually no-life (have it on nearly all the time) the game or not.

At least that’s what I heard. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t play Battle Dawn though :confused:


Who cares. Pretend youre a girl and post on the BD forums a little. They will shower u with reds.

Oh and dont be a Yandere like @Fluffeh -chan

Hi guys plz help this new kwaii player^_^!😁😊

Muchas gracias for the 5,000 tokens @Fluxeon, much appreciated. Spent them all on pumpkin torsos.


I only sent you 500 though.

But no problem man, always glad to help.


They probably had babies in transit…


If only this also applies on supermechs too :joy:


@Fluxeon did you got the 700 tokens i sent?


Yes, thank you very much. :slight_smile:


my nugget :rabbit2: want a cookie, someone can sendme cookies? with nuts and lots of chocochips (or tokens why not tehehe) JK.


Flux whatever happened to the 8,700 tokens you owed me? U gonna pay up or what?


It’s been a whole 3 minutes since i lent u them my guy in getting anxious.


What in the world man, you never sent me any tokens.