Can i be forgiven?



Its been a while since i last stepped into these streets. Some might remember me some dont. I know i used to have a little back and forth with some people and the staff of this great game. But i hoped that after all these years we can start over… I would like to contuine my adventures on my main account… can you unban jesse0275?

and please also jesse0277, jesse0273, jesse0278 and please jesse0276 it seems this one is blocked out tottaly,

The ohter 50 made on my IP can stay banned.

Kind regards,



That’s dedication to a game!


Always nice to see familiar peeps around


Y-you made 50 accounts?


long story dont ask …


nice troll post, Jesse. regardless its nice to see you again.


You forgot jesse069 I made that one for you


yeah no not doing that jesse