Can anyone help me make a Heat Mech

So, I am thinking of making a heat mech.
Are these enough parts?
Which parts and mods should I use for a heat mech?

Let’s see here.
You just need abo to create a rocket king.
Clash is fine…I think that those are enough for a heat build.

I am making a hybrid heat mech.
Meaning damaging heat
and mass heating

Definitly clash, zarkares and try to find some iron boots, or any heat leg. I suggest you take the flaming hammer, the dawnblaze, the desolation, and the supreme cannon. Range 2 will be a dead range but if you equip heat bomb you will have an asset there. Besides, you need premiums for range 2.

As for modules I would suggest 1 iron plating, 2 heat engines 1 heat booster and the rest energy.
Add a teleport, maybe grapple.

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Why does everybody suggest rocket king like it is the only heat build?


Heat hammer
Heat bomb
Gucci cannon
Corrupt light
Devouring paws
Modules of your choice

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Because it’s an OP build.

And a populuar build

Only problem is that cl and savagery are outdated now, almost useless especially in higher ranks.

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You need good premiums for good heaters, and the other okay weapons are the E-M weapons being suggested.

It also requires a premium that very few people get, but yet people always tell people who do not have abomination to “make rocket king”.
Real help is using what they already have.

Is this good.
(Still need more mods)

this is the laziest one of these yet.

you didnt even throw shit together at random then come running to the forum to do your thinking for you, you simply screen grabbed your inventory, threw it down in a pile and said “make it do heat thing pls pls”.

this is a mech building game, so BUILD!


What kind of other stuff should i say?
If he wants some heat build then he needs some L-M heat items.

Rocket king requeres just one L-M.
And yes i know it will drive you crazy,but cannot be stoped.

I am not that full of ideas.
If I try to make my own build it would take me a month.
And it woulnd’t even be a top tier build.

have an honest try and then I’d try to help you as much as possible but I really dont like this trend of not even trying before you come for help. guidence isnt meant to do everything for you.


That is going to be too heavy, not enough weight for mods.

Don t want to destroy your dream…but as i can see you don t have heat lms…without them that heater won t be so effective,and making a build and waiting better items isn t such a good idea,those items may never come,you already have a mighty canon and since the other phys weapons are epic to mythical items,why don t you build a second phys mech,they are op and those kind of mechs don t need so many legendary to mythical items

You do as you like

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I have a second physical mech :confused:
Dis is my third mech

Not bad actualy. Now , you should decide whether it should counter heat+phys, energy+phys or heat+energy.

If doing counter heat+phys, I suggest 2 heat engines+ 1 cooling booster+all the rest plates.

If doing counter energy+phys switch to avenger, add 1-2 plating and all the rest energies, except for maybe 1 heat engine to prevent self overheating.

If doing counter heat + energy, switch to windigo or naga, and do 1-2 plates, 3 energy and 2 heat engines and 1 cooling booster.

And you maxed both of your mechs?