Can anyone beat my record for highest amount of energy held at a go?


If you have any counter screenshots I’d be glad to be disproved.

Update ; I just beat my own record -


Not sure if he screenshotted it, but @THENICKRULZ had a couple people send him res last era to get into Top 10. He ended up with a lot of oil. He converted it all to energy last tick and had enough to ion Hope 26 times

26*250 = 6500


But you can’t convert beyond capacity which in my case is 500 energy…so I wonder how that was possible for Nick. This record is for the highest amount held at a go. Not for cumulative energy usage over time.


ah my bad, yeah he did that I think

Still funny tho, he had like 200k oil or something


How did you get that high number?


Secrets of the trade my brother :wink: @Germanicus


dude, so many damn blues you have


:joy::joy: stop being jelly @Chucky



I want…


i have more tokens :smiley:


@Chucky @Commander_Neutron



(should we tell him?)


BAD has beat this number by a lot. There was an era he came to M2 with ICE before he joined me in CME. Anyway he had over 2,500 Energy and 75 full pro squads at the end of the war and was the only surviving member of his alliance…So we made something like 60 Nukes and double fired them all at him. He did ion quite a few of those things.

the screenshots for the massive nuke launch are somewhere on the old M2 forums. I remember posting them.


Found it:


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Hey dj =) I’m here yes


But why didnt he move away from the nukes, Like why ion , Obviously cant be locked for that long. Just add sp worth 1000 e and youre good


no ops to relo to at that point


Well several ions does show he had a lot of energy. But how much exactly. i’d be happy if he could state it himself.


I did a colony scan on him myself and it showed something like 2800E. It was a big deal at the time, which is why I remember. Accuracy on colony scan isnt perfect but it beats yours I think. I don’t know if BAD still plays at all.

And yes, he couldnt relocate. His alliance was dead and only he survived. No ops, no allies. I dont remember exactly how many missiles he ioned but it was somewhere around 10.