Can any of the players in the current top-ranked in raid answer this?


That is not quite right.
For day 4 it depends on the starting positions of the minion mechs and the boss I think.
There are setups when you can get through tier 4 without taking damage.
This week was such a day that you could actually pass day 4 without taking any damage.


To me it´s very real. The days 1/2/3 I finish with 400, the day 4 low to 175/150.

The only thing that can avoid damage on day 4 is heat bomb and it´s quite rare that the big mechs get (all 3) in the heat bomb range.

Instead the days 5 and 6 I again rise. I usually finish the week with 200 tokens and very occasionally with 250… Because of day 4 …!


On day 4 can you not shoot the tanks at range 5 with a powerful weapon like Mighty Cannon or Spartan Carnage to insta-kill them?
And I think the mechs can either be drained with VS or forced into shutdown with Savagery as long as you have enough bonus on drain and heat damage.

I am not sure if I remember it correctly right now.
But I think the only real problem on day 4 is the boss with an energy cap that cannot be drained in 1 action except EMP at distance 3 (which would result in the boss jumping and then stomping you) and cannot be forced into shutdown except for HB in range 3 in the first round.

This week the boss miraculeously started in range 3 instead of its usual starting distance 1.
That was why it was possible to beat the 4th tier without damage this time.


With Spartan or any phys weapon you cannot kill the big mechs. Phys is the worst option!

Even if you drain its energy you cannot stop them from using hook or charge (or legs).

The only thing that neutralizes the big mechs on day 4 is heat bomb, but it is difficult for the 3 big mechs to be placed on the heat bomb range


The Spartan etc. is ONLY for a tank that starts in range 5.
The tanks have too much heat to be shut down.
Draining the tank in range 5 is useless as it will drive to range 2 and then fire its energy-free shotgun.
Luckily their HP is small enough to be one-shotted by a strong physical weapon.


and you will play fur with 1700hp when you have three plates hp?


However …

the once winning the 500 tokens and/or being Top5 last weeks using some magically “tricks” :exclamation:

… since asa8742 is the only one who is able to do that in our Clan, and he is a very good friend, I will ask him about :exclamation:

Maybe he can bring some “light” into this “mess”, and tell us how it works :exclamation:


Aye #10 In Raid 1st time, also 50k coins 🦔
Aye #10 In Raid 1st time, also 50k coins 🦔
Aye #10 In Raid 1st time, also 50k coins 🦔
Aye #10 In Raid 1st time, also 50k coins 🦔

Just replying here again to show how tier 4 can be done without damage using a high power physical weapon for the tank starting at range 5 if the boss spawns on range 3:


I don´t know of any phys weapon that can do 690 points of damage, except Falcon. And falcon here is useless.

Spartan doesn´t deal 690 damage.

If you are in range 2 to 4, use heat bomb, it´s the only weapon that can stop this mech.


The issue is the tank on range 5.
You cannot shut it down on range 5 in 1 action and it has an energy-free shotgun with range 1-2.
So if you don’t destroy it in 1 move it will either fire its range 3-6 weapon (if it was overheated by a heat weapon or simply shot with a physical weapon) or drive to range 2 and use its shotgun if you drained its energy.
That is why you need a high power phys weapon to destroy it in 1 move to avoid taking any damage from it.


I already know that. Now tell me, which is that physical weapon that can do 690 dmg in range 3. Spartan? Spartan doesn´t even reach 500 … !! In your case, I would first use the heat bomb to neutralize it and then the rest of heat weapons.


Frantic Brute


This is the mech that I use for day 4.


When did I ever say that you have to use a phys weapon for range enemies?
I said you need a high power phys weapon to deal with the tank at range 5.
Dealing with any enemy at range 3 using a heat bomb was never questioned to begin with.

P.S.: There is phys weapon that can deal that damage now:

FRANTIC BRUTE (50) 3-6 Range 69-632 PysDmg -12 PysRes 2 Uses (10/50 Cost)

632 + 20% = 758.4 = 759 real max. damage


And because of that you are hit by the tank starting on range 5 and you receive damage, don’t you?
My hint with the phys weapon is to prevent that damage from that tank.
HP + energy + EleRes of tank: 328 + 123 + 2 = 453
Ele damage + energy drain of VS= 183 (max damage) * 1.2 + 189 * 1.2 = 219.6 + 226.8 = 220 + 227 = 447

–> Even in the best case the tank survives with 6 HP left, then drive to range 2 and uses it energy-free shotgun.


This week has been very easy for me. It´s very rare that it happens, but this time the 3 great mechs were placed within reach of the heat bomb.

So for this time, I didn´t receive any damage on day 4. I keep the 400.

I still don´t understand how to reach the 500 … what to do? Who should be killed?

  • Tanks are not a problem for me. My problem is usually the 3 big mechs. I don´t talk about tanks in any day.


Then how did you beat the tank that started at range 5 without taking damage when your only weapon for range 5 is VS that cannot destroy the tank in 1 move while it is in reach for its energy-free weapon by moving 3 spaces forward and then fire?


I can destroy tank with VS. Yep.

I use Spartan on day 6.


Can you please make a video of how you beat the tank with 1 shot next week?
As I calculated above the max damage you should be able to deal to the tank is 322 (324 - 2 Ele Res).
So it should be left with at least 6 HP.

I also tested it about 50 times against the 1st tank with my VS and the best result I got is that 6 HP are left.
I have 20% on both drain an ele damage.
So the arena bonuses are completely included.

Furthermore my calculation includes the part that the max. weapon damage is shown incorrectly ingame.
So here a screenshot for my calculations:

That is why I would like to see VS doing more than that calculated damage in a video as no matter how often I repeat it I cannot get the tank below 6 HP with VS (which fits the calculation I did).


For those wondering how to kill that mech without taking damage, just use Savagery as a f2p