Can a close range energy mech work?

As per title, can a close range energy mech work in your opinion?
I’m currently thinking at Axe, Ash, Mortal Bullet and Malice Beam plus Shocker.

If you think it’s not gonna work, please add reasons and suggestions!

  • Yes
  • No

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Mine has bulldog and ash creator, plus a grim cobra to pull victims in, it’s pretty fierce…

However long range energy Mechs with valiant snipers are very hard for me

It coundn’t work for who has two annihation


I agree with Ricemech – I KO’d Dottore because he spent more than 2 turns in range 1-2. StormWeaver does kind of scare me and gets me to range 2, but without Last Words, that’s useless.


coldfire (or whatever the new update name is) + bully shotgun

nuff said

You simply need to have one push weapon, @Splatter. If you allow double annihilation mech rip your ass in range 1 or 2, you are dead. The strength of electricians against physicals is to deenergize the drone and force them to do Kriss Kross moves (aka jump, jump), so that they fire just one salvo per turn. Close range - YES - Storm + shotgun, but you need one last words, too.

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i think you can not win 1 vs 1 but 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 can be good and I would say after I’m doing it second mechs

So guys, I doesn’t have Bulldog nor Shell, so my choice are limited to standard weapon. I don’t have a Valiant too off or I would have listed it.

Ash is the one absolutely not to drop I would say.
So, what is better in your opinion? Let’s say I can pack Axe and Last Word for dealing with double annihi, so I guess I can drop Mortal bullet for Word and keep having Ash, Axe and Malice?

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Yep, good idea…

With close range build you will have problems with people who have shotguns, cuz they can stomp + shotgun you and you mostly will end up on range 3, so your close range weapons will not work so well. Also you will have problems with builds that can fight on long range without energy (with desolation equiped).

i would make a close range with valiant grim cobra brightroar ash & mortal bullet
so u can get close & kill but also be responsive at long range against energy

double annihilation would mean death x this however

I’ve already written above that I don’t own a Valiant.

sorry i was focused on the strategy, then hysteria for long range drain its not the same but its better than nothing

instead of malice use hysteria
works well with the combo & u have enought cover with mortal bullet & last words on 3 range