"campers" in arena

Wouldn’t that also make him a smurf?

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That the most annoying thing. It the main reason I can’t get above rank 9 anymore. I keep making my mech better and better by maxing things out, but becuase of all these smurfs I can’t go up the ranks.



Well to beat the enemy you sometimes have to become the enemy. However @lordgorgon post was very specific in stating their work as a clan would target individuals with a list and would otherwise disengage on non targeted accounts

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You have identified to which clan these “Smurfs” belong. I mean, surely there are several clans, but are there any that stand out especially?

Or are players without clan?

I don’t look that far into it. The less I can think about this players with such toxic behavior the best for me

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And of course! Since you ask, this was the first time it happened.

This time it was done to quickly get the rewards of the clan and the protagonists were some of top clan members. So it was easy, stop this. Partly thanks to the community that condemned these events and collaborated to stop the exploit.

Administrators haven´t many tools to stop this, because the ranking and pairing system leaves no options. But if the community collaborates, it can be stopped.

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Well, the problem most likely comes from those clan reward boxes for certain amount of victories.

Before that feature was introduced the players simply got their 5 victories a day or went up to get a high player ranking which would then also increase the clan ranking.

But now all the players want victories to get more of those clan reward boxes.
The two problems now are:

  1. Each victory counts the same no matter if the player is rank 1 or rank 25 and no matter if the opponent is rank 1 or rank 25.
  2. It is easier to get victories in ranks 13 to 8 than it is to get them in ranks 5 to 1.

So with those points being the case the players go to lower rankings on purpose to farm victories.
Then at the end of the daily farming they go back up to rank 5 at least for arena coins in the first 5 victories of the day.
After collecting the arena coins the next day they go back down to farm victories again.


It seems that one way or another, the reason is always in the rewards … hell … !! And the rewards are crap! It’s not worth getting hated for this!

The problem is that the pairing is by ranking and not by quality of mechs. That’s why it’s so hard to stop.

Also, someone can have very good mechs and be a lousy player, so it can be difficult to prove that he does it on purpose or he’s just on the low ranges because he plays very badly (?)


You hit the nail on the head!

Exactly the issue, the root of it is the pairing system. That based on Rank and not on a “power level” of the mech and each part in itself.

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The match making should’ve been rank and XP level a long time ago. I’m level 90, I shouldn’t be fighting full myth, level 120 players at at rank 10, it’s unbalanced.

It’s unbalanced, but you “can” face a fully mythed at rank 10 at Lv 90. It depends on what you do. I had my first 75% mythed mech at Lv. 75 or so

Additionally if someone is going P2W Having a fully mythed at Lv. 5 could be totally possible you know. But again it’s unbalanced and ridiculous, that is why a power level should be established on mech parts based on their power, stats and rarity

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Sad shet my friend. People play however they want. System is to blame.

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Agreed @lordgorgon it’s tough but it’s the reality

Yes there was an anti smurf campaign . It was an effort in vain as none were identified specifically . They were spotted along the way but passed in the way back up. Very true statement that the system is to blame . Seems little consideration is taken into account when decisions are made .

Took me about 25-30 matches to get 3 wins for the daily quest this morning down at rank 11-14 due to all the blacked out assholes. Pretty annoying…


Yeah I understand the feeling, I had to literally wait a couple of minutes in between fights just to hope for more players so less chance to encounter people like such. Even my almost fully mythed main mech had issues dealing with some of this absurdly God tier builds

And time of day does not seem to matter. I have tried first thing in the morning, the afternoon, and in the evening and it’s the same thing all day long. Massive HP, resists and damage output.

Oh wait until you try at “graveyard time” I’ve encountered 2K HP 100+ resistances 450 heat and energy with 250 ish Regen and cooling full black gods of death and annoyance…

They are actually pussies, afraid to face even rank 4 players. False gods.

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