Campaigns levels fortune box chances?


Do you know if some campaign missions/difficulties have more chance of fortune box drop than others?
I used to play one mission and I had 3 fortune boxes over 6 level ups. Then I played the same mission on insane mode - and got none over 10 levels.
Is there a fortune box drip factor?
How do I get more fortune boxes?

Where are people getting l-m's from

Fortune boxes drop from boss missions. Higher difficulties have a slightly higher chance of fortune boxes. You really just have to grind it a ton, it’ll happen eventually.


Play Ramboy insane. I get pretty much fortune boxes from it.


You can get fortune box from normal levels too (not from only boss missions)


The chances are very low but it’s still true.


Got 2 Fortune Boxes in a row today … strange :exclamation:



I had the same a few days ago. Back to back with legendarys.
Nice revival of a long deceased thread by the way lol
Must be that elven cleric magic