Campaign Speed...:(

While doing the raid I noticed that my mech was slower than usual so I changed it back and forth between the 2 speeds, I dunno if it’s because of the new “Mine Tokens” feature they just added or just a bug but yeah…it’s way too slow…

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Are you mining while playing?

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No , I was not mining while playing

I had a bit of a test and it seemed that mine was just as quick as normal when I played with or without it mining :confused: perhaps try a different browser and see if that makes a difference?

I only have 3 browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox… I usually play on Microsoft Edge because Chrome and Firefox don’t have Flash Player version 11.1.0 or higher

I’m pretty sure Edge is the worst at handling flash :confused: Might be wrong but thats what i’m told.

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edge has a problem with speed and stability after update 1709.

everything else works fine but SM has become slow

The whole computer becomes slower*

Nope…my computer it fine…it’s just SM

My game just refreshed itself fo no reason at all… new problem so Yeah maybe it does affect the overall game

You should just install Lates flash version in chrome, this would solve all your problems…

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I did that for him about 5 hours ago because I was so shocked at how bad Edge was at running supermechs

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